About Katinka Hesselink aka Spirituality (formerly on Squidoo)

I’m Katinka Hesselink SEO, former math teacher, student of religion and spirituality and writer. I have a large and popular website on Religion and Spirituality as well as a spiritual blog and have a book out on Karma. I share my spiritual book reviews on Great Spiritual books.

Since 2005 I have earned my living mostly online through affiliate marketing – getting my traffic through SEO. I have survived Panda and Penguin and combine technical knowledge with usability, analytics and editorial insight.

The spiritual part in ‘Marketing Spiritual’ is not merely my interest in spirituality which started my journey, but is also expressed in always making sure the visitor /user/customer is my prime concern when writing, designing and even marketing.

I started this blog to share with you how to make your online endeavors get traffic and stay popular.

To get in touch with me: mail [at] katinkahesselink.net. I don’t respond to offers below.

I’m available for webdesign and SEO consulting.