How to use Thesis Multimedia Box in Thesis 2.*

I have been using Thesis to design my sites for years now. I love the flexibility of Thesis 2, and have now compared it to Genesis as well – and Genesis just doesn’t do what I want it to.

However, there is one thing in Thesis 1 that I wasn’t able to replicate on my newer Thesis installs: the multimedia box. I have used it, on several sites, to show affiliate code in the sidebar. In the new Thesis this option is hidden.

So here is how to get that affiliate code there, customized per post.

First: make sure to show ‘custom fields’ in your WordPress (post) edit screen. Go to screen-options and then click ‘custom fields’:screen-options-wp custom-fields-options

Now in your post edit screen, somewhere at the bottom, you will have an option to add custom fields. It will show a dropdown with available custom fields: that is, custom fields that plugins or theme have already created for you. In the case of Thesis there are several. (#) You will need:

  •  thesis_custom_code – this is your Thesis multimedia box.

That’s great: you now have the place where you can add custom code to individual WordPress posts. However, it won’t show up yet. The easiest way I have found to add that code to your theme is through widgets, specifically, the Advanced Custom Field Widget plugin by Athena of Delphi (yes, a woman coder :))

What do you do next?

  • Install the plugin (duh)
  • Go to appearance > widgets
  • Add the ‘Adv. Custom Field’ widget where you want your field to show up in your theme.
  • Put the name of your field in the settings for the widget. In our case that name is: ‘thesis_custom_code’ (without the quotes). You need to be precise. One letter wrong, and nothing will happen. (*) That is: your field still won’t show up on the published site. It will remain in the WordPress database though.


NB: this is a widget with a LOT of options. All you need however is the first field in the widget: where I put in the thesis_custom_code field name in red for clarity (it will of course show up in black on your own site). That’s all. Scroll down to the bottom of the widget settings to the blue save button and click it.

That’s it. Now previously created content for the thesis multimedia box will show up in your theme where you want it to go. In addition, you can add new content or change the content in the multimedia box through the custom field.


(#) You will see that the Thesis post image is also available here.

(*) WordPress allows for creating your own fields. You will still have to make sure that the name you use in the widget is the same one you use when creating a field through the WordPress post interface. I won’t show how to do that here.