Mourning Squidoo

The day before yesterday I was banned from Hubpages. That day was about shock.

Yesterday I archived my stuff and wrote about Hubpages as it exists in our world now.

Today I find myself mourning the Squidoo that was. Not the Squidoo that gave up last year, but the Squidoo that was fun, and fresh and where I learned writing, online networking and SEO.

Not that Squidoo taught any of those things. In hindsight it is clear that Squidoo was successful not so much because its owners knew what they were doing, though to an extent they did. No, it was mostly successful because they started at a good moment in webtime.

In 2010, when they did their big redesign with monsters, I started collecting images from the site. This post shares some of them, as well as images from all over the web – charting the Squidoo that was.

The homepage

This is how they drew me in. Everyone is an expert on something!


Some more screenshots of the homepage:

This must be pretty early: its still the old logo and a white background. However, the images as teasers look pretty modern.
This must be pretty early: its still the old logo and a white background. However, the images as teasers look pretty modern.
The Squidoo home page in 2010. All that text!
The Squidoo home page in 2010. All that text! and remember the Answer Deck?

This must be just after that when they invented the monster-badges (also in 2010):


In the end (2014) this was the banner they used. You can see, it’s a totally different look. The Squid is gone:


Janet’s profile in 2009:


How profiles looked around 2010. They didn’t change much after that.


My dashboard in 2010:


We had a lot of fun at the forums:


Some of the banners:


This one feels particularly cynical in hindsight: banner_hqbanner-holiday-giftsgoodveg-banner-okt-2012

Monsters and Trophies

The first strophies were really the Giant Squid and Citizen Squid Badges.


However, what they turned into in 2010 was quite a shock. Suddenly Squidoo was officially a game with monsters.


I think this is where I started to tune out a bit. I turned off the monster activity popups for instance. But not before taking a screenshot:


However, don’t think I turned down a ‘turboboost’. Lensrank was money after all:


Lots of people had fun with Halloween. It was also a good money spinner. Here are my Halloween trophies:


In 2010 they used the forums to get us to give us ideas for new lenses. I took part in the Jenga Quest:


We got to know the activity stream. Another distraction.


In 2010 they wanted us to create lenses and turn people into lensmasters so bad, they had us ‘gift’ them. I don’t think it ever caught on much. I like how this screenshot includes some of the templates available back then.



I really liked the debate option of Hey Monkeybrain.



Squidoo lenses

I can hardly find screenshots of Squidoo lenses themselves. It seems hardly anybody posted screenshots of them online. However, I did find this one from 2008:


Here’s one I created for one of my help lenses. You’ll have to ignore the lines I added:


Yes – however quant it may look. Lenses did used to look like this. Note the advert for creating a ‘Squidcast’. We could tell our fans (yes, we had official fanclubs) all about our stuff back then. Again, how disappointed we were when that feature disappeared.


Squidflix was apparently quite popular: I found several screenshots online:



The old Squidwho design
The old Squidwho design
I did a lot of quizzes. In part because the SquidQuiz homepage practically guaranteed a decent internal backlink.
I did a lot of quizzes, mainly because the SquidQuiz homepage practically guaranteed a decent internal backlink.

Gift lenses circa 2010:


We used to get stars for our lenses. In fact, it was quite an uproar when they were replaced with thumbs up:


Here’s a 2009 screenshot of a very popular lens:



Here’s one from Greekgeek – a reasonably late screenshot with one of the themes:



This is a screenshot done by a very spammy website I’m therefore not linking to.


There were some weird ad-experiments:

This is from 2013. It didnt last.
This is from 2013. It didn’t last.

What we’d love to forget, the scorecard.


Modules we loved

The various plexo’s were great while they lasted. Here’s an amazon plexo:


Didn’t we love the bubble module?

oldtalk-buble-squidoo-up-to-2010 newtalk-bubble-squidoo-starting-2010

Somehow that seems like a fitting sentiment to close with.

Sources for my images

8 thoughts on “Mourning Squidoo”

  1. I miss the old Squidoo, too. April 15th will be my 8th Squidoo anniversary date, the night I became Susan52. Bittersweet. Thanks for the visual memories!

  2. ” Not the Squidoo that gave up last year, but the Squidoo that was fun, and fresh and where I learned writing, online networking and SEO.”

    I miss that Squidoo too Katinka. Will always be thankful for what I learned from the people I met on there – including you 🙂

  3. I’ve saved some screenshots too but mostly from the end time. It was a fun place to create during its peak. The spiral downward was so sad and I feel like Hubpages is following its path.

  4. Ditto. Very sad. I’ve been slowly (this is not my day job) moving relevant pages to my blog and will then look for a few other outlets for other topics.

  5. I mourn with you. I think the monsters were the first step downhill. As far as I’m concerned, when they got rid of RocketMoms, it was over for me. From then on I just didn’t care much anymore. By then I knew there were other places to write. Squidoo was my introduction to online writing and I loved it. I will always be grateful. RocketMoms was the face of the community for me. When the community broke up I felt homeless and saw no reason to give my all to Squidoo anymore. I didn’t encounter any monsters at HubPages and began to make some new friends there. There are many of the old RocketMoms I don’t see anywhere else now.

  6. aaaahhh … so many familiar faces here. So darned sad.

    I loved squidoo so much from the very start, and your images brings all the fun back to me.

    So sad we had such a painful end result there… and then so many went through it all over again with Hubs.

    I hope you are all on the way to replacing your income with other sources… but the fun and sense of community is harder to replace.

    I’m so grateful for the FB communities that have helped us to stay in touch.

    Wishing you every success in the future Katinka

    – Helene

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