All my accounts & all my hubs unpublished! @hubpages

I was going to post this on the forums but it turns out that I’m not allowed anymore. So here is to all former squids – so you know what hubpages is turning into.

Over the past few days ALL my hubs on three of my accounts have been unpublished. Without explanation. While some of them may have been outside the current hubpage-guidelines, others were improved by the HubPro program.

I’m not even sure my pending earnings will be paid out.

I’m flabbergasted.

To be clear – although I had been cleaning out my accounts of content that was already unpublished or unfeatured for traffic or ‘quality’ topics like the following were still on my main (formerly spirituality) account (links go to the places where I’ve republished them):

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  1. This is Emma Ddraig Coch from FB. Knowing what a great writer you are, this is shocking to hear.
    I do hope they offer you an explanation and that it is some sort of mistake but with changes abound, I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this 🙁

    I’ve been working on moving my content as well — heck I’ve been moving my content since the switch occurred, the only reason I transferred into HubPages was because I knew I wouldn’t be able to copy and move things fast enough before the door slammed on Squidoo.

    Anyway, all but five or six of my hubs were demoted this week to being unfeatured for “does not receive sufficient search traffic.” I’m hoping to keep that last few active until I reach the $50 minimum for a payout – I’m only a few dollars away – and then I’ll probably remove those pages too.

  3. I am so sorry this has happened to you, especially since there is no valid reason for it. If they take YOU off, with your excellent articles, there’s danger there for the rest of us. I’m going to the forums to ask some questions, and possibly after those, I may also be joining you in exile.

    1. 99% of mine, too, Katinka. I’m moving my stuff off but having lost my income, things look dire for me and others who are disabled and can’t seek outside employment. Not sure what’s up with all this but it’s the last crash n’ burn I’m willing to accept. I’m so sorry for you. You’ve been such an inspiration on the platforms, it’s HP’s loss.

  4. I’m really sorry about your loss. It hurts when your income vanishes like that. Squidoo did that to me last year about this time, it was a rough year but you’ll bounce back!

  5. Katinka, I can’t tell you how upsetting this is. It wouldn’t have bothered me if it was some of the ding-a-ling schemers and spinners there are on HP. But for a writer of your caliber to be rudely treated in this manner is very upsetting. I think we should all take it as a warning not to expect HP to treat any of us with respect. I’m sorry this has happened to you, in particular, because I know the quality of your writing.

  6. Sad, I am so sorry this has happened. Knowing how helpful you’ve been to people over the years, including myself, this closing door will open up a new positive one for you.

  7. Katinka that is wrong on SO many levels. I don’t believe there IS such a thing as a valid reason for this, yet am very curious to know why on earth this could happen.

    Please DO push for some kind of explanation and let us know. Meanwhile I am curious, if you were to guess why on earth Hubpages might do such a thing… what’s you take?

  8. Another example of HubPages inflated opinion of itself. As another Squid refugee, I’ve given up on all the revenue sharing sites and have gone to Blogger. I know that may not be the last stop if Google discontinues it. Onward to WordPress.

    1. I think blogger is too successful for Google to give up on it. Personally I prefer self hosted (WordPress) blogs. I still have a lot of work to do moving all that orphaned content to a new home though. The policy to move stuff was already in place. It’s time I lacked. BTW – a free wordpress blog won’t allow affiliate links or adsense. Just so you know. With self-hosted you have full control.

      1. I think your next post should be about where are the best places to host your content!

        I can’t believe after all the sane advice and help you have offered to people over the years that this has happened to you.

  9. I am sorry to hear that this has happened. If anyone has written for eHow, you will remember they started doing this to the writers before they discontinued the writers program. My suspicion is that Hubpages will eventually go the way of eHow. I believe that is why they are making writing requirement so stringent.

    Take your best performing articles, create a niche, and your own blog. You will find that the same articles that made money on Hubpages, eHow and Squiddo, will make money on your own website. You get to keep all the money and control.

    Good Luck!

  10. Oh Katinka, I am so sorry this is happening to you. It just seems like Squidoo all over again. I am so glad that I did not put any effort into Hubpages. It is yet another site that where not everyone is equal and the forum is full of harpies. I was going to hang on to see if I could get my earnings up to the payout – with only 4 hubs that is taking awhile – but now I dont think I will bother.

    I am like you, I have places I can publish my ex-lenses, but it is just a question of time.

    However, knowing you, you will have already picked yourself up from this and will be looking ahead, not looking back.

    1. AJ – that’s optimistic. I have a plan for the coming years, but since it involves fresh education (I’ll be training to be a mindfulness teacher), I’m not yet back on my feet. In fact, today, I’m taking it very easy, because I have a heavy cold. I’ve been watching movies and writing this blogpost.

      I do have several potential career-paths. However, I’m not looking forward to getting back in the ‘applying for jobs’ game. Passive income was great while it lasted.

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