How to move a hub?

Someone asked:

So question for you all, when you move your hubs, where do you move them to and do you need to ask for the hub to be unpublished? I’m so confused, I have just let my sqhbs sit there……..

Since this seems a common question these days – or at least each of the subquestions is common – I will attempt an answer.

0) (implicit) Which hubs should you move?

Hubs that are unfeatured will not be found by Google. This means they’re dead in the water. If you think they’re high quality, move them. This is the main reason to move hubs.


Featured‘ means Hubpages is showing your hub to search engines.

Unfeatured‘ means Hubpages is hiding your hub from search engines.

Unfeatured for engagement‘ means that Hubpages has determined that your hub is decent quality, but it’s not performing well enough. This may be fixed by getting traffic, sales, people commenting in the guestbook or adding a poll. Personally I don’t bother. If Hubpages unfeatures a hub, it will simply get moved at some point. Unless of course I think it isn’t good enough.

Unfeatured for quality‘ means that Hubpages has determined that your hub is low quality. Remember: you don’t have to agree. Hubpages uses both automated and manual criteria. In other words: chances are no human saw your hub when it was decided it was low quality.

Another reason to move hubs is very simple: if you have a site that ranks in Google, any hubs within that niche can be moved there. For featured hubs that get traffic, I would probably wait till after Christmas. However, after that they are safer on your own site than on Hubpages. After all: you know what you’re doing with your own site and if Google agrees that your site has merit, there is really no reason to keep content in that niche on any site but your own.

Personally I am moving all my spiritual content, all content that I think is at all interesting and all content that I think will do better elsewhere. However, the place to start (and I’m still working on this part) is hubs that aren’t featured.

1) Where to you move your hubs?

I move most of my content to my own niche sites. In some cases it’s easy: the site gets good Google traffic and the new content will probably rank there.

It gets more tricky when you have niche sites that don’t rank – the new content may help Google to reevaluate that site. That is: more quality content will make Google take the site more seriously, which will in turn help all content on that site rank.

If you don’t have a niche site to move your content to, there are several options:

  1. Leave it where it is. This is only reasonable if you don’t think the content is very good, or if it’s featured on Hubpages and doing as well as you think it likely to.
  2. Move to a new personal blog. Even blogger might do. Create a niche site, or even just a general purpose blog. Blogger will not unfeature your content – though Google may still not be interested.
  3. Move to another article site. The pickings are getting slim, but Wizzley is still up and running. I notice that most of my high traffic articles on wizzley get more traffic from Bing and Yahoo, not Google. But hey – they’re featured and they’re getting traffic. That is still a lot better than hidden from search engines.

2) How do you move your hubs

Now we come to the nitty gritty. And yes, this is a several step process.

a) Make sure the content is really no longer visible in search engines AND not indexed in Google.

1) Find the url of the published hub. Save it in a text-file or something.

2) Then click on the ‘unpublish now’ button in the edit-screen for that hub.
Schermafdruk 2014-12-05 13.57.46

3) Go to Google Webmaster tools Removals. Copy paste the URL of the original hub there and follow instructions.

Voila: the hub is no longer visible to search engines AND you’re sure that Google will de-index it within the next 24 hours.

Note that step 2 is unnecessary if the hub is already unfeatured.

b) Move them somewhere appropriate