Where my online income comes from, in percentages

I thought it was high time I shared with you all where I’m at income wise. The calculations are somewhat imprecise, because adding up dollars and euros is a tough business. All those changing exchange rates… However, I do think it’s useful to share how things have progressed since last time I did this. It’s now been about 18 months since affiliate marketing clicked for me. The result is that my online income in January was more than 50% due to affiliate income. 54% according to my very imprecise calculations.

I told myself that I would only start really teaching affiliate marketing once I reached this threshold: over 50% income off affiliate marketing. So I guess now I have my own permission 😉

My income in %:

However, those numbers don’t mean so very much. So I also checked to see what percentage of my shareasale income came through squidoo. If you take that into consideration, it turns out that I made around 50% of my income off squidoo, and the rest off my other web properties. This continues a trend I’ve seen for longer: squidoo is becoming more and more important to my income stream.

Within the squidoo income – the one that squidoo keeps track of things are as follows:

  • 54% was adpool
  • 36% amazon
  • 5% infolinks (turned off on my main account)
  • 3% chitika
  • 2% eBay.

Oh, and how much did I make? About 3000 EUROS. 🙂 That’s the money that came in in January, so it’s the November payout for squidoo, October payout for Amazon, December payout for Adsense etc. February promises to be just about as good, though of course the percentages aren’t the same.

If you compare the graphs with my September 2010 post what you’ll notice is that the Dutch payouts are more significant there than here. This is contrary to my policy: I was hoping to up my non-dollar earnings, compared to my dollar earnings. That’s the one goal I did NOT reach. There’s a reason I keep coming back to Squidoo: it’s just so much easier than other ways of making money online.

More stats…

7 thoughts on “Where my online income comes from, in percentages”

  1. Hi Katrinka, wanted to say a big thanks for posting this. It’s wonderful to read about your success, and also to see that you attribute 50% of it to Squidoo. I love Squidoo- I simply haven’t been able to figure out most other software. And the front line support at Squidoo is fantastic. Thanks again! Darcie

  2. I agree- I was recently considering how it’s the fact that I love Squidoo’s software that attracts me to the stage, or venue, for working online. It’s me that’s “love” online- and the software (in this case Squidoo) is what’s capable of producing the money as a tangible ‘reward’. Love as a way of being is a higher level of operating than simply working for money, so a person operating in love will have much greater success with any integrous program online, including Squidoo. Non-integrous programs fail of their own accord and bring love down with them. Many thanks for opening this up for clarification and diving right into what it ‘is’ that makes money online. It’s not the program, but the consciousness level of the operator. Many thanks, Darcie (notice the ‘ie’ spelling in my name vs ‘y’ -:)

  3. Thanx a lot for sharing the figures. I’d love to reach there soon. For visitors who havn’t been to your Squidoo profiles I’d like to add that Katinka has over 550 Lenses spread over 3 accounts on Squidoo. So it’s a tough job but certainly achievable.

  4. Dear Katinka – Thank you for sharing the wealth of information that you do. You continue to be a huge inspiration to many! Wish you all deserved success. 🙂

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