How to make money online after being banned from adsense

I had a panicky email from a fellow squid this weekend who was worried about whether she’d get to stay in the Giant Squid program, after having been accused of problem making on the new squidu forums. It really is unfortunate when people who worry are perceived as rocking the boat. When what they’re doing is really caring about the boat and not understand where it’s going. But that’s off topic.

She also shared that she’d been banned from adsense, so now Squidoo was the only way for her to make money online. I emailed an answer back, of course, and this post is a longer answer.

The bad news is, and she already knew this, that once you’re out of adsense, you can’t get back in. A way around is to have someone else sign up for you, of course. Or move and have your husband sign up for you. Such options are not quite legal and besides the point. The fact is: without adsense you’ll make less money online. So for those of you who have not been banned yet – follow my advice and stay out of the adsense program till you have at least 100 visitors to your account a day. That way, when you or your kids accidentally click an ad, it won’t mean your account gets blocked right away.

Now for the various alternatives to Google Adsense. Unfortunately there isn’t really any program as good at monetizing general content as Google Adsense. You’ll have to live with that. However, there are ways around the ban and there are also ways to make money online that don’t involve Google Adsense at all.

Squidoo of course acts as an intermediary between adsense and other advertisers and we get paid out based on lensrank tiers and affiliate sales. So making content on squidoo is a way to make money online even when you don’t have an adsense account any more. The bad news is, of course, that it only starts to add up once you make lenses that end up in second or first tier.

What’s less well known, because it’s more recent, is that Hubpages now has their own internal HubPages Ad Program as well. They launched it right after the Panda update, which I think is a coincidence though. The Hubpages system pays out through Paypal, just like Squidoo does. So when you want to do article marketing, you can stick to hubpages and Squidoo. Interlink your lenses and hubs on topic and both accounts are likely to do well.

[edit]Unfortunately, it appears that one of the basics for the hubpages program is that you DO have an existing adsense account. This puts people in a bind, obviously, because it means that if you’ve been banned – for whatever reason – you can’t sign up for the hubpages program either. Source. Unfortunately they deleted their own official hub on the topic, so I’m not sure what to think of this program.[/edit]

Furthermore – among affiliate marketeers adsense doesn’t have a very good name to start with. Loads of professional affiliate marketeers don’t touch adsense because they feel people are less likely to buy stuff from their sites when there are ads along side them. The argument is that a sale through an Adsense click is not going to make them as much as a sale through a direct affiliate link. Which is true, however all those clicks through affiliate links that do NOT make us money, do make us money when they’re adsense clicks. I think it evens out. Still, lots of people make sufficient online to live off without adsense. What they do have are affiliate earnings.

Affiliate earnings of course include earnings you can make off your own products – Zazzle or cafepress products. Market them through Squidoo, Hubpages and your own blogs. Of course this really only makes sense if you have the necessary talent.

My own online strategy started out with content, not sales, so I rely heavily on Adsense. If you’re banned from adsense you’ll have to see your content as marketing and link bait and limit your business strategy to sales instead. This should not stop you from blogging: a blog heavy in buying advice may still make you a lot. And a blog like this one, without ads at all, is still good marketing. However, you’ll have to accept what I did without such force: that it won’t make you much in any direct way.

To conclude: it may be harder, but there is still money to be made online after an adsense ban. Squidoo, Hubpages and affiliate sales on your own blogs and sites can combine to make a living. And that squid who mailed me won’t have trouble doing this, but others reading this may not: d0 make sure you abide by their terms of service.

Do also read my tips on how to become successful on Squidoo.

13 thoughts on “How to make money online after being banned from adsense”

  1. Hello,

    I had a quick question. I thought that you had to have an adsense account in order to participate in the Hubpages ad program. Is this not the case any more?

    1. I hadn’t heard that – if it’s true, it’s a pity and I should alter this post.

      I checked and it’s clear you’re right: hubpages does have that as one of their requirements. Pity.

      1. It really is sad. I was kicked off of adsense a long time ago for click fraud(I was an idiot). Chitika is not even close to as good as adsense, and amazon may cut my state from the affiliate program.

  2. Apply for a new Adsense account with a different name. Ie: Your middle name. Also start new blogs or sites -don’t use ones that had the original code on it.

    1. Will the bank allow checks with my middle name instead of first? Also, won’t google adsense see that I have the same IP address?

  3. I wouldn’t suggest signing up with false information to try to circumvent a ban on AdSense. If you really want to get back in, pay the money to register a business and incorporate so that it’s considered a separate legal entity from yourself. Probably cost a few hundred dollars at least to do this. I think this would be a legal solution, but don’t quote me on it as I haven’t gone through Google’s terms of service with a fine-toothed comb.

    The fact is, there are ways to change your IP address, and you could possibly use your middle name, but I’d check with your bank first (I find it unlikely, personally, but first initial and middle name might work if AdSense will let you register with that format). Ultimately, I just don’t think it’d be worth it to you to have to worry about getting caught and the potential to lose all of your earnings.

    You’re probably better off to market your own product rather than trying to sell other people’s anyway. You could start with ebooks or premium content areas on sites you create. If you can drive enough traffic to your sites, monetizing them is easy…. I hate to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but without high levels of traffic, there’s no point in even discussing monetizing it. Your focus should be on “How can I drive traffic?”, rather than “How can I make money?” on sites that are not getting any traffic. Even with AdSense, you still need traffic.

    1. I certainly did not mean to suggest signing up with a false name, nor signing up for adsense before you have traffic. Signing up as a spouse isn’t exactly the same as a false name, is it? Of course that would have to be checked with that spouse or family member.

      True: starting a company is probably a safer method, but as you say: costs money. More than my audience here is likely to be making through adsense at first.

      However for those who are banned and aren’t in the ‘market your own product’ game for whatever reason, adsense is a large missed opportunity.

      But yes, if the lady who lost her account had waited with monetization before she got significant traffic, she probably would not have lost her adsense account in the first place. Which is what I always tell people: first get traffic… (I set the boundery at 100 visitors a day) However it’s too late for anybody who has lost their account.
      And with people scraping by for every cent, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people DO sign up for adsense too early.

  4. I signed up for Hubpages but won’t be using it – I’d rather not sign up for Adsense. I prefer Squidoo and I am also starting to write articles on Wizzley.

    1. You can’t make money on wizzley without your own adsense account.

      And once you have one – make sure you use it on every site it can be used, or you’ll still be risking being banned.

  5. Hi Kitinka,

    This is Quin from If those of you who have been banned are looking to make affiliate sales and don’t have your own website then check out This site has a revenue sharing model that is based almost entirely on affiliate sales and not ppc ads – they don’t use adsense at all. I hear that some authors are having pretty good luck with their affiliate sales there.

  6. This sounds like a very difficult situation to be in. Google don’t exactly have a very straight forward grievance procedure for when you get booted from AdSense. I’ve seen a friend get booted for click fraud (naughty boy) but he changed his IP and his wife was able to get an account again.

    eBay and Amazon have pretty good affiliate programmes but they’re certainly not as broad as AdSense!

  7. thanks alot for your informative tips. well, i was getting good payment via adbrite. the adbrite is close. now i have to concentrate again on chitika and google adsense.

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