Email signatures: be proud of your online work, show it!

Communicating through email with a few lensmasters recently I notice one common pattern: they do NOT mention their squidoo profile, or blog, or any of that in their email signature. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s confusing. Who is it I’m talking to here?

The obvious solution is this: decide what your main online hubs are (for instance facebook, twitter, squidoo, blog, website) and list them in your email signature. On firefox I use a plugin for this, it’s called ‘wisestamp’. It will automatically put the same signature in all of your email programs.

That way anybody you communicate with will automatically know what you do online and can look it up. Also, any squids you communicate with will know who the heck they’re talking to.

Can’t count the times when people have contacted me through the squidoo contact form, asking for tips on their lenses, without even leaving a link to their profile. Needless to say – I won’t even respond to such requests… In that case, btw, you will have to manually copy-paste a URL to be findable. No automatic solution in sight.

Or put more positively: be proud of what you do online and automatically make people know about it.

[In my continuing series of squidu posts that get republished here]

2 thoughts on “Email signatures: be proud of your online work, show it!”

  1. That’s fine if you’re a professional webmaster, but not if you don’t want to tip off the whole world to what you do. I prefer to add my relevant details manually.

    1. I would recommend this to anybody who is self employed, from photographers and artists, to authors and yes, squidoo lensmasters and bloggers.
      And I would advise anybody to focus on making stuff you WOULD feel comfortable (even proud) sharing with friends and family.

      Of course if it really is only a hobby, then it’s of no importance to share it.

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