My best online promotion and SEO tips – Celebrating over 100 subscribers

I’m writing this ahead of time, so by the time you all read this, it’s probably no longer accurate – especially given that I’ve become more active here over the past weeks.

Anyhow – as I write this (June 6th 2011) this blog has 113 subscribers according to Google’s Feedburner stats. That’s great – especially given the competitive nature of this space: there are LOADS of blogs about online marketing, making money online and SEO.

So that thank you to you all for subscribing πŸ™‚

I already did a roundup of the available squidoo blogs recently. I guess it’s time to brag a bit about what’s best on this blog. So here’s my top 10 most popular posts (those traffic numbers are all time traffic for this blog).

Thematic or Thesis – choosing a WordPress Theme 1,367
Free E-book Marketing, SEO and making a living online 783
Google blogger/blogspot SEO: title, blog organization & interlinking 721
WordPress as a CMS: showing only child pages of page in menu 569
Advantages and disadvantages of having several squidoo accounts 462
20 tips on how to interlink your online properties (websites, lenses, hubs, articles) 445
Menu item only on one category page and posts in that category in WordPress 415
Making minimum wage online πŸ™‚ (and a bit more on the side) 393
What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses… 391
Link wheels – getting yourself links & blogging for profit 378

Note that things have gone fast: I no longer make (on average) only minimum wage online πŸ˜‰


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  1. 20 tips on how to interlink is one of my favorite articles here. The Whizzley article (linked with my name) is along those same lines but in much more simplistic terms and with examples. I think that considering your online work as one organic whole is critical to success.

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