So, what sells?

My squidoo income is still mainly lensrank. However, I’ve recently come to earn about 20% of my squidoo income off actual sales. Looking at those statistics, I come to two conclusions about what sells:

  • Go really NICHE. I’ve got some low traffic lenses that are very specific where the sales equal those of top traffic lenses made specifically for sales.
  • Make lenses about something you think will sell. Do the research. My top ranking lenses that also sell (great combination) were all made specifically for product sales.

Note that in case of the top lenses: excepting one they all sell less than I’m likely to get off lensrank. This clearly means I haven’t found any pot of gold yet. It does mean that selling through the amazon module (instead of your own amazon links) has one great advantage: your lensrank will go up and might jump a tier when you sell something.

BTW: the reason that I don’t have amazon links is purely because converting checks into money is too expensive a proposition at this point – perhaps because I’m in The Netherlands. The lensrank thing however is one reason why I’m not all that sorry to not have my own amazon links.

2 thoughts on “So, what sells?”

  1. I agree with you on going very niche. That’s what works for me. It’s my niche topic lenses that get the highest sales. Oddly, it’s my lower ranks lenses that make the most money from costumer sales too. They get maybe 10 visits per week, but those visits mean more because they are people who are looking for a specific topic and they usually end up buying a book or DVD about that topic off of my lens, usually via the Amazon Spotlight module (which I find to be the most profitable module for me at least).

    I have tried my own Amazon links, but for some reason those have not made a single sale, while the Amazon Spotlight Module, has mad hundreds of sales (and hundreds of $$$ in sales). So I stick with that one.

    The other thing I have found is that if I love it enough to have bought it myself, I’m very likely to devote an entire lens to it, where I not only review the item, but I talk about what I do with it and how I use it and than I find a niche topic forum and find other people who love it, and we all get together and talk about it, and than eventually they end up on my lens to buy it. What this means is, if you really have a passion for something, than you MUST make a lens about it, because that is the best way to niche things and than get sales.

  2. I really do think that it is the “personal” touch that gives you the advantage over other lenses that may be trying to sell similar products, particularly a product that is an e-book that is about a “hot topic”.

    I am still learning about how to increase traffic and monetise a lens, without losing the “personal” style and it is posts like this and comments like EelKat’s that I always learn something from. Thank you ladies!

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