Search Engine Marketing Basics – 5 SEO Techniques

There is a lot of misguided information about Search Engine optimization out there. Lately I have found myself summarizing the bare essentials several times. So here they are. It boils down to five steps:

  1. Make your content unique, preferably so good that people will link to it when they find it.
  2. Use keywords and keyword phrases that are popular, but not done a lot before. Of course once you’ve developed an online profile that’s trusted, you can go in for more and more competitive niches. But start high volume, low competition. More about Keyword research and using keyword tools.
  3. Create a title with those keywords that humans will still understand and like to click on.
  4. Create links to your content. Submit to quality directories for instance. But the main thing is blogging about it elsewhere. Say at blogger, etc. Interlink the various online accounts, for instance using a link wheel. The content on these sites too should be as unique as you can make it. Vary the keywords used, the precise text linking to your stuff, the tags, the categories in the blogs etc. Where your main content should be excellent, this secondary content need only be believably human.
  5. Interlink your related content within the same account. That’s one reason why I have related links at the bottom of my posts here for instance.
  • Rinse and repeat. This is not a step – but very important. The more content you create within a certain niche, and the more you create links to each individual piece, and interlink them, and get links, the higher your highest performing pages will rank. And as you get things to rank, you’ll have statistical data of your own to help figure out what more to create content about, what other key words and phrases are likely to bring in traffic.

The more unique your content, the easier it is to get qualtiy links from sites in your niche. Go and seek out the link lists in your niche, the people blogging about it because they love it. Once you start ranking links may come without you asking for them. As long as your competition is getting less such links, you’re good.

That’s it. Or even shorter: keywords and links.

Things like social bookmarking, twitter, facebook and myspace are all potential good for marketing, if implemented well. That is: only to the extent that they result in links. That’s because the links on those social networking sites themselves usually don’t count. They’re rel nofollowed.

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