Launch of Marketing Spiritual

As I was preparing the launch of my new blog, which I’ve started because I needed a home for my ebook, I came across this post, written Oct. 2008. How happy I was to have 3000 visitors in that week 🙂 In contrast, this week I had over 15000 visitors to my squidoo lenses. That’s five times as many visitors with about twice as many lenses. Not bad, right? Not bad at all. I think it proves that I do have good reason to write an ebook about a topic that has been done a LOT before.

I started working on my e-book this summer. My brother gave me some feedback that sent me right back to the drawing board: a reshuffle of the information was necessary. That it’s not yet out has nothing to do with me slaving away daily, but with other distractions. But the flu made me concentrate so I’m launching my new blog Marketing Spiritual. Pronounce as the type of negro religious music (is one still allowed to say that?).

Expect the e-book somewhere next week.

I’m still working on the design, but the content is the best of my blogposts on squidtop – especially those posts of course that are devoted to marketing and SEO. The blog will be a place for me to share my insights about online marketing to a somewhat broader audience than just squidoo. Think hubpages and spiritual organizations needing help. Several of the blogposts have been updated so there’s no outdated info to be found on this new blog.

This post here will be cross posted there it’s my last squidoo tips post on squidtop. I will probably keep using the squidtop blog for the usual promote your last or least ranking lenses type post and sharing favorites I come across browsing on squidoo.

For now: subscribe to the RSS feed and read my best posts in the past two years.