The effect of a link…

I’d like to illustrate the power of links, and the power of google, a bit today.

I got a few links recently – on one lens this one link from an outside blog had the effect of:

  • One visitor from that blog – most likely the owner checking whether the link worked
  • 10 visitors from google that same day

This goes to show just how effective getting a link can be. In this case I did not ask for the link – it just got there because the lens is (apparently) great. But a link that gets asked for can be just as effective đŸ™‚

Of course the effect of such a link isn’t a sure thing. If your competition already has 10 quality links it won’t help if you get a great link. Well – it’s a start. But you won’t get visitors just because you moved up from page 100 to page 50 in the serps.

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