It’s a waste of time to submit to google

I just had to say this. Trying to dispel a myth here.

It is NO use to submit your squidoo lens (or blog or website) in google. It is a waste of time.

I don’t know about yahoo and MSN, perhaps submitting your lens (or website or blog) there gets it traffic, but in google I’m pretty darn sure. Don’t bother submitting your squidoo lens. It is a waste of time.

You will have to promote your lens anyhow. Posting (a genuine post) on Squidu is as good as submitting your website to google. (Of course you should have your profile linked in your squidoo profile. And you should have some lenses in your squidu signature – but once you’ve got that done, you’re set. You may even want to put in your latest lenses in your squidu signature, to make absolutely sure google knows about them. Gives them and all your other lenses some backlinks)

Not that it will usually get you traffic, but google WILL know your lens exists.

Similarly: blogging about your new lenses here WILL make sure google knows about your lens.

In the same way sharing your link on related forums (that don’t have rel-no-follow on outbound links) will make sure google knows your lens exists.

AND all those ways will give your lens a backlink, which will help your lens GET FOUND in google. After all – what you want isn’t just that google knows your lens exists. You also want google to rank your lens. So people actually find it.
For that you need backlinks. And since making backlinks on frequently changing sites like squidtop or squidu means that google will find your lens anyhow – it’s better to kill two birds with one stone.

So why don’t you need to submit your lens to google (I haven’t submitted ONE lens to google or any other search engine EVER)? Because in your normal promotion activities google will find your lens anyhow.

More on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for squidoo.

5 thoughts on “It’s a waste of time to submit to google”

  1. Google (and other search engines) prefer to find your lenses naturally, via links from other lenses and websites. This is how they know that your lens is worth indexing in the first place.

    There is a theory that submitting your URL to search engines will make the time to index longer…

  2. Thanks for this Katinka – one less thing to have to do is great news! I am getting more Google traffic on some of my lenses and I am sure it is because of the backlinks that are increasing all the time.

  3. My Lens on installing a backup camera and the three VR3 product Lenses began getting Google traffic with in days of being published, and I never submitted them to Google.

    I did blog about them here, on SquidTop, and added them to a couple of the RSS services listed in thefluffanutta’s Lens on getting deep backlinks using RSS.

    I plan on doing more blogging on these Lenses, and adding them to more RSS services eventually, but I’m working on it slowly to not get penalized by Google for getting backlinks too quickly.

    I really think following your advise on using keywords has really helped to get noticed by Google more than anything else.

  4. I never submit my lenses or other web sites manually to any of the search engines, I just let their robots do their job.

    If it’s a new blog or domain etc, I do make sure it has backlinks from other pages/sites which have been indexed so that it does get found.

  5. Please don’t worry too much about getting backlinks too quickly. Backlinks you can get without automisation are not likely to be gotten too quickly. After all – if something is a big hit suddenly, google will have to take those links seriously as well.
    Just promote your stuff as fast as you can manage, and make sure the links don’t all have the same link-text if you are worried about things starting to look fishy for google.

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