How to get rid of tags on a default WordPress theme post / category

On many of my sites I use tags only as a way for related posts to be calculated reasonably correctly. For SEO reasons (duplicate content issues) I would rather they don’t show up on the site itself, and certainly not on every post and category... Read More

How to speed up your WordPress blog on shared hosting

Yesterday’s post was about how I was forced to find myself a new host and ended up with shared hosting (again). Today’s post is perhaps more useful: the tips I was given from various sources on how to speed up my blogs. There are several... Read More

What I learned about WordPress hosting this week (Hostgator vs VPS.NET)

Hosting is complicated Hosting is not as simple as you think it is WordPress hosting is definitely not as simple as you think it is Wow – that was eloquent, wasn’t it? The reason I’m writing this post is that I think my experiences... Read More

Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar

Most of the people who comment on here have done this, but a few haven’t, so I thought I’d remind people: If you want your avatar to show up on wordpress blogs, nine times out of ten what you need is a gravatar account. It connnects your... Read More

How to make money online after being banned from adsense

I had a panicky email from a fellow squid this weekend who was worried about whether she’d get to stay in the Giant Squid program, after having been accused of problem making on the new squidu forums. It really is unfortunate when people who... Read More

How to make more affiliate sales – conversion for web publishers

Chefkeem at Wizzley shared some great tips for making it online on their forums today. One post he shared was the Noble Samurai videos on web conversion. Web conversion is basically the art of turning traffic into buyers. This post is about how to turn... Read More

Check the real Google: about personalization and localisation

I’m archiving my best Squidu posts here, for future reference. Adapting slightly in view of comments made there. A recent TED video made me realize just how far we’ve come from the days when search engine results were the same for... Read More

Factors to my online success, aka: what it takes to make it online

Darcy wrote on my latest blogpost that I attributed 50% of my success to Squidoo. I was like: no, I don’t. I attribute about 10% of my success to Squidoo. 90% of my success is me. I’m serious: if it wasn’t Squidoo, it would be... Read More

20 tips on how to interlink your online properties (websites, lenses, hubs, articles)

When you are trying to make a living online, one of the things we hear a lot of are LINKS. Links are hugely important to getting pages to rank in Google and Bing. However, they’re the hardest thing to get right. I see people worrying about links... Read More

Menu item only on one category page and posts in that category in WordPress

This is one of those ‘blogging to remember’ posts. I’m working on using WordPress as a CMS on a site that has 700+ pages. In order to properly organize things, I need to be able to mix ‘news’ (aka the blog part) with the... Read More