How to get rid of tags on a default WordPress theme post / category

On many of my sites I use tags only as a way for related posts to be calculated reasonably correctly.¬†For SEO reasons (duplicate content issues) I would rather they don’t show up on the site itself, and certainly not on every post and category... Read More

Duplicate content on WordPress – hey, Google indexed my tag pages!

On Facebook I’ve recently seen people ask about duplicate content on WordPress blogs. People are panicking. It’s logical to panic, unfortunately, because Google has been acting strangely lately. However, no-indexing ALL your tag and... Read More

Google blogger/blogspot SEO: title, blog organization & interlinking

Two online friends of mine asked (or got) advice by me recently about optimizing their blogspot (aka blogger) blogs. Blogspot is a much simpler platform than WordPress. WordPress has two types of pages: posts and pages. Blogger has only blogposts.... Read More

Clean up after the holidays: page speed and more

Christmas is gone and online marketing is getting back to normal. Time to start thinking about some maintenance issues. This is the time to:

  • Check your stats
  • Look at page speed
  • Check your tags
  • Delete outdated info and offers

Let’s look at each of those in more detail. Continue reading Clean up after the holidays: page speed and more

Tweaking the title tag for SEO

There is conflicting advice out there about the title of a page. On the one hand it’s clear that titles (and title tags) are essential to SEO: they should contain the keywords and keyword phrases users are typing into the search engines. On the... Read More

What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…

That’s right, I just got my squidoo lenses about 5% more traffic within a week. The result was great at first, then traffic went back to previous levels and now it’s beyond the growth I saw at first. I think it’s fair to say it worked:

How? By optimizing my tags. I find that this is rather complicated work. I can see why fluffanutta is considering creating a payed tool to help do this. Continue reading What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…