How to get rid of tags on a default WordPress theme post / category

On many of my sites I use tags only as a way for related posts to be calculated reasonably correctly.¬†For SEO reasons (duplicate content issues) I would rather they don’t show up on the site itself, and certainly not on every post and category... Read More

Do you recommend article marketing for SEO? vs Matt Cuts

First watch this video by Matt Cutts from Google: Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy? Since I’ve been advising people to do article marketing for ages now, I think I should explain. Matt Cutts says you should NOT do article... Read More

Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar

Most of the people who comment on here have done this, but a few haven’t, so I thought I’d remind people: If you want your avatar to show up on wordpress blogs, nine times out of ten what you need is a gravatar account. It connnects your... Read More

How to make money online after being banned from adsense

I had a panicky email from a fellow squid this weekend who was worried about whether she’d get to stay in the Giant Squid program, after having been accused of problem making on the new squidu forums. It really is unfortunate when people who... Read More

How to make more affiliate sales – conversion for web publishers

Chefkeem at Wizzley shared some great tips for making it online on their forums today. One post he shared was the Noble Samurai videos on web conversion. Web conversion is basically the art of turning traffic into buyers. This post is about how to turn... Read More

People or search engines? About priorities

I’ve had several online conversations lately with people which have clarified my own position about online marketing. I have long had the policy that I am only putting energy into blogs, social networks, bookmarking services etc. if they have followed links. That is, other than twitter. I prefer blogs that are self hosted, but that’s not totally necessary.

Twitter is the exception, because at twitter there’s community. More: there’s a community of bloggers there. So twitter, while it doesn’t have followed links itself, is still a great place to combine promotion (getting to people) and search engine optimization. Lately another exception is facebook. But facebook is little work, because I post my tweets there (yes, twitter again). And of course if a conversation should start, I take the time to participate. Continue reading People or search engines? About priorities

A story of a successful lens

This is the story of a lens that gets most traffic. Today it gets, as you can see, about a hundred visitors a day. That’s enough for a permanent spot in the squidoo top 2000, and with people voting on it regularly it’s enough for a regular... Read More

Passion or Making money?

Potpiegirl wrote recently that she feels all that talk about ‘following your passion’ won’t make you a living online. At least that’s how I understood this post about niches. She should know. I don’t agree with all her... Read More

SEO review – weight loss lens pulled apart

AJ2008 made this lens in a self professed SEO experiment, and from my later conversation with her (through twitter and e-mail) she asked such good questions that I just had to ask her if I could do this review of her lens about weight loss. She... Read More

It’s a waste of time to submit to google

I just had to say this. Trying to dispel a myth here. It is NO use to submit your squidoo lens (or blog or website) in google. It is a waste of time. I don’t know about yahoo and MSN, perhaps submitting your lens (or website or blog) there gets... Read More