Do you recommend article marketing for SEO? vs Matt Cuts

First watch this video by Matt Cutts from Google: Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy? Since I’ve been advising people to do article marketing for ages now, I think I should explain. Matt Cutts says you should NOT do article... Read More

Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar

Most of the people who comment on here have done this, but a few haven’t, so I thought I’d remind people: If you want your avatar to show up on wordpress blogs, nine times out of ten what you need is a gravatar account. It connnects your... Read More

My best online promotion and SEO tips – Celebrating over 100 subscribers

I’m writing this ahead of time, so by the time you all read this, it’s probably no longer accurate – especially given that I’ve become more active here over the past weeks. Anyhow – as I write this (June 6th 2011) this... Read More

Email signatures: be proud of your online work, show it!

Communicating through email with a few lensmasters recently I notice one common pattern: they do NOT mention their squidoo profile, or blog, or any of that in their email signature. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s confusing. Who is... Read More

Factors to my online success, aka: what it takes to make it online

Darcy wrote on my latest blogpost that I attributed 50% of my success to Squidoo. I was like: no, I don’t. I attribute about 10% of my success to Squidoo. 90% of my success is me. I’m serious: if it wasn’t Squidoo, it would be... Read More

Online marketing and SEO with spiritual integrity

Marketing gets a bad rap these days. So does SEO. Marketing gets a bad reputation because it tries to sell what’s not worth buying, not to mention lying to us. SEO gets pulled down by the many people who use techniques meant to deceave the search engines about sites and pages. In both cases it’s not the profession which is flawed, but many of those who practice it. Is the marketeer to blame, or the company that creates bad products? Not all SEO is ‘black hat’ or spammy. Continue reading Online marketing and SEO with spiritual integrity

Search Engine Marketing Basics – 5 SEO Techniques

There is a lot of misguided information about Search Engine optimization out there. Lately I have found myself summarizing the bare essentials several times. So here they are. It boils down to five steps: Continue reading Search Engine Marketing Basics – 5 SEO Techniques

Launch of Marketing Spiritual

As I was preparing the launch of my new blog, which I’ve started because I needed a home for my ebook, I came across this post, written Oct. 2008. How happy I was to have 3000 visitors in that week 🙂 In contrast, this week I had over 15000 visitors to my squidoo lenses. That’s five times as many visitors with about twice as many lenses. Not bad, right? Not bad at all. I think it proves that I do have good reason to write an ebook about a topic that has been done a LOT before. Continue reading Launch of Marketing Spiritual

People or search engines? About priorities

I’ve had several online conversations lately with people which have clarified my own position about online marketing. I have long had the policy that I am only putting energy into blogs, social networks, bookmarking services etc. if they have followed links. That is, other than twitter. I prefer blogs that are self hosted, but that’s not totally necessary.

Twitter is the exception, because at twitter there’s community. More: there’s a community of bloggers there. So twitter, while it doesn’t have followed links itself, is still a great place to combine promotion (getting to people) and search engine optimization. Lately another exception is facebook. But facebook is little work, because I post my tweets there (yes, twitter again). And of course if a conversation should start, I take the time to participate. Continue reading People or search engines? About priorities