Do you recommend article marketing for SEO? vs Matt Cuts

First watch this video by Matt Cutts from Google: Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy? Since I’ve been advising people to do article marketing for ages now, I think I should explain. Matt Cutts says you should NOT do article... Read More

Does SEO Silo Structuring your sites work?

Dinesh (aka Jhangora) asked this question on one of my lenses: “I noticed that successful lensmasters like you and Tipi interlink their lenses a lot. I read online that this type of silo structure does not work. Does it work?” I had to look... Read More

20 tips on how to interlink your online properties (websites, lenses, hubs, articles)

When you are trying to make a living online, one of the things we hear a lot of are LINKS. Links are hugely important to getting pages to rank in Google and Bing. However, they’re the hardest thing to get right. I see people worrying about links... Read More

Spiritually sound Internet Marketing – FREE e-book

In this e-book I will share my knowledge and experience about online publishing, marketing and making money. There are roughly four aspects to this craft: putting content online, optimizing your content for search engines, promoting your content and making money off of it. I will help you figure out what kind of content you will be focusing on and where you can publish it. I will share the ways to create an online audience that have worked for me. You will learn all of this in a way that is both honest and direct, and sustainable long term. Continue reading Spiritually sound Internet Marketing – FREE e-book

The effect of a link…

I’d like to illustrate the power of links, and the power of google, a bit today. I got a few links recently – on one lens this one link from an outside blog had the effect of: One visitor from that blog – most likely the owner... Read More