Proving our urgency as online publishers

My brother said something wise the other day. He’s in training to become an actor, and said: one of the great things about being an artist is that you have to continually prove your urgency. He was right of course – but the principle is... Read More

Pagerank sculpting: putting rel-nofollow in your own links- DON’T

Misinformation about SEO always ticks me off. It’s usually simply old information being recycled because the people involved don’t keep up with the SEO blogs. In her latest post, AJ said: The link back from the Tiger Clipart lens to the... Read More

Online marketing and SEO with spiritual integrity

Marketing gets a bad rap these days. So does SEO. Marketing gets a bad reputation because it tries to sell what’s not worth buying, not to mention lying to us. SEO gets pulled down by the many people who use techniques meant to deceave the search engines about sites and pages. In both cases it’s not the profession which is flawed, but many of those who practice it. Is the marketeer to blame, or the company that creates bad products? Not all SEO is ‘black hat’ or spammy. Continue reading Online marketing and SEO with spiritual integrity