What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…

That’s right, I just got my squidoo lenses about 5% more traffic within a week. The result was great at first, then traffic went back to previous levels and now it’s beyond the growth I saw at first. I think it’s fair to say it worked:

How? By optimizing my tags. I find that this is rather complicated work. I can see why fluffanutta is considering creating a payed tool to help do this. Continue reading What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…

People or search engines? About priorities

I’ve had several online conversations lately with people which have clarified my own position about online marketing. I have long had the policy that I am only putting energy into blogs, social networks, bookmarking services etc. if they have followed links. That is, other than twitter. I prefer blogs that are self hosted, but that’s not totally necessary.

Twitter is the exception, because at twitter there’s community. More: there’s a community of bloggers there. So twitter, while it doesn’t have followed links itself, is still a great place to combine promotion (getting to people) and search engine optimization. Lately another exception is facebook. But facebook is little work, because I post my tweets there (yes, twitter again). And of course if a conversation should start, I take the time to participate. Continue reading People or search engines? About priorities

A story of a successful lens

This is the story of a lens that gets most traffic. Today it gets, as you can see, about a hundred visitors a day. That’s enough for a permanent spot in the squidoo top 2000, and with people voting on it regularly it’s enough for a regular... Read More

A wrong SEO assumption

What ranks well MUST have a better link profile than what doesn’t? Right? Wrong! I came across this misconception on some squidoo blog or other. One of the ways to find relevant pages to get links from is to just Google that phrase in Google and... Read More

Passion or Making money?

Potpiegirl wrote recently that she feels all that talk about ‘following your passion’ won’t make you a living online. At least that’s how I understood this post about niches. She should know. I don’t agree with all her... Read More

So, what sells?

My squidoo income is still mainly lensrank. However, I’ve recently come to earn about 20% of my squidoo income off actual sales. Looking at those statistics, I come to two conclusions about what sells: Go really NICHE. I’ve got some low... Read More

SEO review – weight loss lens pulled apart

AJ2008 made this lens in a self professed SEO experiment, and from my later conversation with her (through twitter and e-mail) she asked such good questions that I just had to ask her if I could do this review of her lens about weight loss. She... Read More

SEO: low hanging fruit or going for your passion

Generally speaking there are two ways to do squidoo well: Finding key words that are popular, but haven’t been covered by other websites and lenses yet Making excellent lenses on a subject you are really into – even though there may... Read More

It’s a waste of time to submit to google

I just had to say this. Trying to dispel a myth here. It is NO use to submit your squidoo lens (or blog or website) in google. It is a waste of time. I don’t know about yahoo and MSN, perhaps submitting your lens (or website or blog) there gets... Read More

The effect of a link…

I’d like to illustrate the power of links, and the power of google, a bit today. I got a few links recently – on one lens this one link from an outside blog had the effect of: One visitor from that blog – most likely the owner... Read More