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Note summer 2013: this eBook is now officially outdated and interesting only from a web-historic perspective. 

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In this e-book I share my knowledge and experience about online publishing, marketing and making money. There are roughly four aspects to this craft: putting content online, optimizing your content for search engines, promoting your content and making money off of it. I will help you figure out what kind of content you will be focusing on and where you can publish it. I will share the ways to create an online audience that have worked for me. You will learn all of this in a way that is both honest and direct, and sustainable long term.

Each chapter starts with a few of the ‘Lessons learned about surviving online’ that you should keep in mind while reading that chapter. At the end of the e-book you will find a list of terminology used in this e-book.

To get an idea of the ever changing nature of the Internet, I’ll be starting out with sharing my own story of online publishing. Like many of my generation, it started as a hobby for me.

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  1. Your book is filled with great information! So polished,… awesome! It’s like you know right where I am. Great job! I am a visual artist and musician creating a 360 brand complete with storylines. This pace is a wild one to master, but your blog entries let me know I can. You are an inspiration! Thanks for the assist.

  2. I couldn’t resist coming over here to your blog after seeing your wizzley post about your Amazon success. This is a great blog, and a prime example of having a niche dedicated to the hour (unlike mine which can literally lead anywhere depending on what tickles my fancy – but that’s me I guess!) Haven’t read your e-book yet, but I will, and I’ll be back.

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