All my accounts & all my hubs unpublished! @hubpages

I was going to post this on the forums but it turns out that I’m not allowed anymore. So here is to all former squids – so you know what hubpages is turning into. Over the past few days ALL my hubs on three of my accounts have been... Read More

How to move a hub?

Someone asked: So question for you all, when you move your hubs, where do you move them to and do you need to ask for the hub to be unpublished? I’m so confused, I have just let my sqhbs sit there…….. Since this seems a common... Read More

Squidoo is dead, Long Live Hubpages

squidoo-trophiesOn August 15th, Seth Godin announced that the website I have long been making a living on, Squidoo, is going. The content and it’s authors are moving to Hubpages (and therefore the money making opportunities as well). It was a stressful day, so I had to process information quickly. I decided within half an hour that I liked this news. While I once loved Squidoo, I had come to distrust its management. Hubpages was always slightly annoying, and boring, but it is run by competent people. The kind who actually know how to build a site.

Was it really that bad at Squidoo? Yes, it really was.

I’ve been silent on Squidoo’s many mistakes in public, over the last year, because I was still making money there and it was becoming clear HQ wasn’t listening to feedback anyhow. The only thing I did was advise people to stay out of Squidoo if they weren’t already in.

Now that the take-over is official, I can finally open my pen. This is mainly about the stuff that happened after the panda update that penalized Squidoo late 2012, early 2013. Continue reading Squidoo is dead, Long Live Hubpages

Do you recommend article marketing for SEO? vs Matt Cuts

First watch this video by Matt Cutts from Google: Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy? Since I’ve been advising people to do article marketing for ages now, I think I should explain. Matt Cutts says you should NOT do article... Read More

Mourning the old squidoo – time for me to post about my disappointments

In another community, very unrelated to Squidoo, I’m known as a bit of a controversial figure, a whistle blower if you will. I guess it’s time to voice my issues with the latest change. To me it feels like we’ve been abandoned. All... Read More

Some more traffic statistics on successful squidoo lenses

I was asked, as part of my new squidoo SEO Mentor role, to make a lens about the statistics of my squidoo lenses. I am, despite my training as a math teacher, not really very faithful in keeping track of stats. I have in the past, but it taught me very... Read More

Tweaking the title tag for SEO

There is conflicting advice out there about the title of a page. On the one hand it’s clear that titles (and title tags) are essential to SEO: they should contain the keywords and keyword phrases users are typing into the search engines. On the... Read More

What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…

That’s right, I just got my squidoo lenses about 5% more traffic within a week. The result was great at first, then traffic went back to previous levels and now it’s beyond the growth I saw at first. I think it’s fair to say it worked:

How? By optimizing my tags. I find that this is rather complicated work. I can see why fluffanutta is considering creating a payed tool to help do this. Continue reading What I just did to get 5% more traffic to my squidoo lenses…

A story of a successful lens

This is the story of a lens that gets most traffic. Today it gets, as you can see, about a hundred visitors a day. That’s enough for a permanent spot in the squidoo top 2000, and with people voting on it regularly it’s enough for a regular... Read More

SEO review – weight loss lens pulled apart

AJ2008 made this lens in a self professed SEO experiment, and from my later conversation with her (through twitter and e-mail) she asked such good questions that I just had to ask her if I could do this review of her lens about weight loss. She... Read More