Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar

Most of the people who comment on here have done this, but a few haven’t, so I thought I’d remind people: If you want your avatar to show up on wordpress blogs, nine times out of ten what you need is a gravatar account. It connnects your... Read More

Email signatures: be proud of your online work, show it!

Communicating through email with a few lensmasters recently I notice one common pattern: they do NOT mention their squidoo profile, or blog, or any of that in their email signature. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s confusing. Who is... Read More

Spiritually sound Internet Marketing – FREE e-book

In this e-book I will share my knowledge and experience about online publishing, marketing and making money. There are roughly four aspects to this craft: putting content online, optimizing your content for search engines, promoting your content and making money off of it. I will help you figure out what kind of content you will be focusing on and where you can publish it. I will share the ways to create an online audience that have worked for me. You will learn all of this in a way that is both honest and direct, and sustainable long term. Continue reading Spiritually sound Internet Marketing – FREE e-book

Launch of Marketing Spiritual

As I was preparing the launch of my new blog, which I’ve started because I needed a home for my ebook, I came across this post, written Oct. 2008. How happy I was to have 3000 visitors in that week 🙂 In contrast, this week I had over 15000 visitors to my squidoo lenses. That’s five times as many visitors with about twice as many lenses. Not bad, right? Not bad at all. I think it proves that I do have good reason to write an ebook about a topic that has been done a LOT before. Continue reading Launch of Marketing Spiritual