What I learned from being banned by hubpages

I was flabbergasted last night: it turns out my account was banned. I’ve calmed down a bit. I’ve saved my content and stats and am moving forward. Here are a few take-away’s. The main one is obvious: don’t trust Hubpages! Set... Read More

How to make money online after being banned from adsense

I had a panicky email from a fellow squid this weekend who was worried about whether she’d get to stay in the Giant Squid program, after having been accused of problem making on the new squidu forums. It really is unfortunate when people who... Read More

How to make more affiliate sales – conversion for web publishers

Chefkeem at Wizzley shared some great tips for making it online on their forums today. One post he shared was the Noble Samurai videos on web conversion. Web conversion is basically the art of turning traffic into buyers. This post is about how to turn... Read More

Factors to my online success, aka: what it takes to make it online

Darcy wrote on my latest blogpost that I attributed 50% of my success to Squidoo. I was like: no, I don’t. I attribute about 10% of my success to Squidoo. 90% of my success is me. I’m serious: if it wasn’t Squidoo, it would be... Read More

Where my online income comes from, in percentages

I thought it was high time I shared with you all where I’m at income wise. The calculations are somewhat imprecise, because adding up dollars and euros is a tough business. All those changing exchange rates… However, I do think it’s... Read More

Making minimum wage online :) (and a bit more on the side)

Bragging time again. It’s a good year for me financially. For the first time in a while  I was able to go on an actual holiday and this month my online income alone is enough for me to live on and save a bit. In other words: I make minimum wage... Read More

Affiliate marketing and SEO

lakeerieartists invited me to blog here, so I thought I’d check out her blog in more detail. It turns out, she’s already written about the most important things. She’s discussed: How to article (which can be big) Selling a Tangible Item... Read More

When should you get an google adsense account?

AKA: how to avoid getting banned by google adsense.

Short answer: you should get an adsense account when the online properties you are going to be using it on have at least 100 visitors a day among them.

I know this blogpost will likely not be read by those it needs to reach: newby online marketers who will sign up for adsense as soon as they create their first blogpost or hubpage. They will likely only read this post when they’re already banned from adsense. Unfortunately, by then it’s too late. Google is notoriously bad at letting people into their program that have already been banned once.

Now that I’ve made you all suitably scared, here’s the deal. Continue reading When should you get an google adsense account?

Passion or Making money?

Potpiegirl wrote recently that she feels all that talk about ‘following your passion’ won’t make you a living online. At least that’s how I understood this post about niches. She should know. I don’t agree with all her... Read More

So, what sells?

My squidoo income is still mainly lensrank. However, I’ve recently come to earn about 20% of my squidoo income off actual sales. Looking at those statistics, I come to two conclusions about what sells: Go really NICHE. I’ve got some low... Read More