Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar

Most of the people who comment on here have done this, but a few haven’t, so I thought I’d remind people:

If you want your avatar to show up on wordpress blogs, nine times out of ten what you need is a gravatar account. It connnects your email address (hidden from viewers) with an avatar of your choice. As on other online networks you should use an image that is recognizable – either your brand, or a photograph.

This works for all WordPress blogs: self hosted or not. You can, if you insist, use different email addresses and connect them to different ID’s and online profiles.

4 thoughts on “Show your face on WordPress blogs: sign on for Gravatar”

  1. I Thinks I do have a gravatar, I need to check. All I know is that I never used it yet. Between the blogger account, FB, Twitter and WP I guess it could ease tings up using gravatar for everything. I’m just not too sure about having them knowing all my accounts…do I sound paranoiac?

  2. I am very pleased to see that you are posting more. Your insights are very helpful. And yes it is best to post with a head shot, but I only have a mug shot.

    1. 🙂 You’re still showing up here without any avatar at all, which is worse than anything else you could do- except perhaps a mug shot.

      However, since you have a Squidoo avatar, why not use that?

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