Google and Facebook different for everybody

I’ve been posting about this on twitter, facebook on squidu, but for those of you who don’t follow me on either – or where I get filtered out for whatever reason…

Here’s a TED video that illustrates just how different my Google results are from yours. Or in other words: how the internet is no longer tailered to inform us of opinions other than the ones we already had…

This video illustrates how vitally important it is, for us as internet professionals, to check out the serps through the eyes of the average anonymous internet searcher. There may not be any searcher out there who fits the bill, but it’s still closer to what other people are going to see on Google than what you see on Google.

Fortunately, there is a service that will do just that (and give you some anti-Google propaganda in the process): Scroogle. Really a must-have tool for any web publisher.

Hat tip to Slashdot.

2 thoughts on “Google and Facebook different for everybody”

  1. While Scroogle might a good alternative, we need control at the source. Google, Facebook, Netflix, and all the others giving us results tailored according to our prior use, and even to the computer we use, should also give us the option to choose between “plain” results and “personalized” results. I actually fell a little out of love with Google once I knew they were feeding me based on prior actions and such. No matter how good the results become on Google with its tweaks and changes toward quality content, it will never be “right” unless I can also choose to see the opposing view, so to speak. …As Eli Pariser said, “It is a problem.”

  2. Fascinating video, Katinka. Thanks for sharing it. Can anyone say Big Brother? Scary implications about thought control.

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