Making minimum wage online :) (and a bit more on the side)

Bragging time again. It’s a good year for me financially. For the first time in a while  I was able to go on an actual holiday and this month my online income alone is enough for me to live on and save a bit. In other words: I make minimum wage with my online income alone. [The rest is web design]

Since adsense doesn’t want us showing our precise numbers that’s all I’m going to say about the absolutes. However, I will add some percentages:

As you can see in the graph, most of what I make comes from Google adsense and through paypal, with some affiliate income thrown in (Tradedoubler is a Dutch affiliate network). That’s last month though: during summer. When Christmas comes up that affiliate part will go up and so will my total income. As you can see there is no Amazon there. This is because Amazon doesn’t pay out to international affiliates. Even in Canada people need to set up a US dollars account to get to their money. Amazon is really not being very nice to international affiliates. Always an optimist, I assume they’ll come around. I mean – if Google, All Posters and Shareasale can all pay out by direct deposit to an EU bank account, why can’t

However, I’ve discovered the Google affiliate network, which includes big names like Kmart and Barnes and Nobles. And Barnes and Nobles sells almost as much stuff as Amazon does. So where I can, I use those affiliate links other than Amazon. And a friend is going to forward me the Amazon money. [I don’t know if she wants her name mentioned here and the details aren’t final yet either so for now it’s anonymous.]

That shareasale income is mostly Squidoo. And on squidoo itself my income mostly comes from their ad pool:

If you add the two up it’s clear that my online income is about 80% adsense. That is: I’m good at driving traffic, not as good at making sales. We’ll see if my February stats show an improvement on that front. So far the signs are good though.

On my main account I have infolinks off and chitika on. The infolinks income is off my other account,  from which the savvy lensmaster can guess the percentages of income between the two accounts. Suffice to say: I make a lot more on my main account.

As you can see: Ebay doesn’t make a difference to my bottom line right now. I do have some Ebay modules on sales lenses that I hope to start making a difference with the payout after next.

My goal for the coming year is to make $2000,- a month. I can live comfortably on that – save enough for my India trip and not worry about sales when I’m there. I just want to focus on the country, the people and whatever spiritual insights come to me :). Longer term… let’s say I’m starting to agree with my parents: owning your house is better than renting.

Want to know more? Here’s some site statistics for my main spiritual site and more stats: squidoo traffic and income.

6 thoughts on “Making minimum wage online :) (and a bit more on the side)”

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to point out that I’ve been an international Amazon affiliate since 2001 and they do pay me – by check though. Slightly cumbersome and expensive to cash checks in Sweden ($20+ cashing fees, one week’s waiting time for the money to be deposited into my account). But it provides me with a decent amount of money every month.

    1. Well, $20 per check is not that bad when one makes a few hundred. However, it appears that over here in The Netherlands it’s way more than that.

      Then again, maybe it’s time I ask about this once more.

      But yes, I did not mean to suggest they don’t pay. They just don’t do direct deposit, which is (in the Netherlands anyhow) the usual way of getting paid. And since Google and all kinds of affiliate programs manage to pay by direct deposit, I don’t see why Amazon can’t.

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