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Squidoo help lenses as linkbait

by Katinka Hesselink on February 9, 2009

Linkbait? Linkbait is material that is put online not to make money, but to get links. Then when the links are there, the page in question will just link to whatever commercial content the owner wants to have rank better.

Inkserotica and AJ got into a discussion about how little lensrank squidoo help lenses usually have (especially in the long run). AJ felt that just didn’t do justice to the permanent contribution to the squidoo community those lenses make.

She has a point – but then again I have three squidoo help lenses in the top 2000 right now. I don’t expect the last one to stay in there though. I also have several squidoo help lenses that have lensranks higher than 50000.

But aside from lensrank, and traffic, there are other things worth having online: links is one of them. The topic should be familiar by now. More links = more traffic.

We usually think of links as links to our specific lenses. And those are very important. But links to our profile also count. And guess what: if your lens gets featured somewhere, one step away is a link to your profile.

So AJ: your squidoo help lens may linger at the bottom of your lenslist, but that doesn’t mean it is useless to you.

[Of course from a spiritual perspective we just shouldn’t care, should we? But I guess I do too…]


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