Spiritually sound Internet Marketing – FREE e-book

In this e-book I will share my knowledge and experience about online publishing, marketing and making money. There are roughly four aspects to this craft: putting content online, optimizing your content for search engines, promoting your content and making money off of it. I will help you figure out what kind of content you will be focusing on and where you can publish it. I will share the ways to create an online audience that have worked for me. You will learn all of this in a way that is both honest and direct, and sustainable long term.

Each chapter starts with a few of the ‘Lessons learned about surviving online’ that you should keep in mind while reading that chapter. At the end of the e-book you will find a list of terminology used in this e-book.

To get an idea of the ever changing nature of the Internet, I’ll be starting out with sharing my own story of online publishing. Like many of my generation, it started as a hobby for me.

Table of content

My internet story 6

Where to publish your content 8

Lessons learned about surviving online 9

Static HTML: any webhost, free or otherwise 9

Squidoo and Hubpages 10

Blogs 12

Blogger = Blogspot 12

WordPress 13

Vox 13

Squidtop and Crabbysbeach 14

Optimizing your content for search engines 15

Lessons learned about surviving online 15

Finding your niche(s) – aka keyword research 17

What are keywords? 17

More about choosing your URL 18

Key Phrases – collections of keywords 18

Checking the competition 18

Tags on squidoo and hubpages 19

What are people looking for online? 20

Making a great title 21

Technical terminology 22

What’s the competition? 23

The importance of statistics in keyword research 23

Squidoo helps with keyword research 25

Hubpages and statistics 25

Blogs and statistics 26

To the next level: allinanchor and allintitle 27

An example: a weight loss lens 28

Promotion and getting links 32

Lessons learned about surviving online 32

The advantages of being slow – my approach to marketing online 35

Internal Squidoo Links 36

Linking OUT – within and outside squidoo 37

Internal Hubpages links 38

Building links – the rel no follow tag 39

Places to get links 41

Getting links from on topic link lists 42

Deeplinks versus index links 43

Lensographies and Hubographies 43

So where do you get the links and how do you go about it? 44

Getting links from blogs 45

Summing up: how to get links 45

Promotion versus getting links 46

Free online promotion 46

On topic forums 48

A question about tags 49

Online promotion: directories, blogs, forums? 49

Make great content FIRST 53

Twitter 54

Useful twitter tools 55

The value of promotion – a poetic example 56

Making money online 57

So, now that I’ve got traffic, how do I get sales? 58

About self knowledge and the willingness to learn 59

So where’s the spiritual in all this? 61

Extras 62

Introduction into Search Engine Optimization 62

Emphasized text: headings, titles etc. 63

Links 64

Google Pagerank (PR) 6

Emphasized text in general 65

Title and description meta tags 65

Keyword Over Optimization 66

Tools on the job: firefox 68

Terminology 70

Online resources 72

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  1. It is always hard to know “who to follow” what advice to take, and what to leave, Your results speak for themselves, so I am off to study hard!


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